Go to Joseph. Meditations with saint Joseph - Patricio Olmos

Go to Joseph. Meditations with saint Joseph

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With his extraordinary figure and “so close to our human condition” (Pope Francis), Saint Joseph is very close to those of us, ordinary people, without for this reason our lives lack of importance for God and others.

The Holy Patriarch teaches us much more than what may appear at first glance. It shows us paths of holiness, faith, prayer, love of family, humility, workmanship, detachment…

This book offers meditations on the biblical text about “God’s man of trust”: they are designed for those who do a few days of retreat, as well as for the personal prayer and spiritual reading.

Patricio Olmos. Born in La Plata (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 1958. Priest, professor of Philosophy and Doctor of Canon Law. After years of government responsibilities in the Prelature of Opus Dei ( in Argentina and Puerto Rico ), he exercises his priestly ministry with youths and adults, mainly through talks and spiritual accompaniment.

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